Random thoughts on osu!

Watching my little brother playing it beside me, and given I’m feeling a bit down right now, so I decided to write.

It is basically a rhythm game, where people make “beatmaps” and submit them for them to get approved and for other people to play. Basically, it’s like a community-driven freeware game, but donations are accepted. It’s about your reflexes, observational power, processing power and partly memory.

Basically there are three kind of  things, hit circle, spinner and circle. The experience is quite customizable. You can choose to play Easy, Normal, Hard or Insane difficulties.

I know this doesn’t even count as a description, so I’ll link a Youtube video as a demonstration:

This is by Cookiezi, one of the best players in the field. Awesome.

The thing to notice is that a kind of overlay beats are made here. That’s what inspired me to start playing it. Due to that, I am fine playing Normal difficulties (that one’s Insane, the highest difficulty).

It’s freely downloadable from: http://osu.ppy.sh

Oh well… Time to go wrap up some work.



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