On Visual Novels

The Bishoujo-ge market is dying. Just read about it at a post at Fuwanovel blog. The figures presented by nbkz, Producer at minori, one of Japan’s leading Visual Novel companies, gave quite a frank distribution of numbers. On how much it costs each VN, and what are the revenues. It’s quite saddening, actually… I don’t know much about marketing, sales, economics and things like those, but even then I feel that this is not good enough. Will Bishoujo-ge really die? Does that mean no more new epic creations like Ever17 will come to us?

I don’t live in Japan, yes. But still, it kind of feels bad how bad things are in terms of sales. At the place I live, people don’t even know what on earth Visual Novels are. Like, all they know about Japan is Bleach, Naruto, and Fairy Tail. And they feel uncomfortable if they do come to know about it.

I once had this friend who I tried, several times, to like anime and visual novels. All I got was “I have no time for those stupid Japanese things.” That did hurt since I was a kid then, and he’s a long-time friend of mine, but yes.

But the fact does remain that the Visual Novel market is a very niche market, where the figures actually matter.

I need to save up more.

Also, this is more like my random thoughts than a concrete blog post. Guess I’m lazy.


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