Of “accountability” in fansubbing

The other day, I was reading a “review” of our release of Leviathan. While some of the points were valid, the tone certainly wasn’t. It sounded like a reporter felt like writing a hate-article about us on a famous newspaper, no offense meant.

Nevertheless, I was a bit pissed off at first. I thought of explaining why we used something for a particular line, and being the group leader, the responsibility rested with me. Then I thought, “Why bother?” So I laughed and let it go.

Then I started thinking of the so-called “accountability” in fansubbing, aka doing what I was about to do. And I realised this: The only people fansubbers are even a bit accountable to are the fans. Why? They often wait for a fansubber’s release just because they like watching it. And they often cheer us on too. Very few people are like that, but I feel if fansubbers are accountable to anyone at all for their releases and the scripts and encodes they produce, it’ll be those few fans. Or the fans who watch their release at most. No one else.

Part 2 of this post will deal about what I, as a person, think of editing etc.


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