“Dear my friend” by WHITE LIPS


This is amongst my most favourite songs of all-time. I especially love the simplistic approach they take here: just use pure vocals, simple guitar and a few other instruments. Why? Simple. The vocals are awesome. They really are. Simple yet powerful. Which is why I fell in love with it the since I first listened to it a few months ago. But I wasn’t in a position to understand all of it and translate it back then.

Now I sat down to listen to it after an eternity on my laptop to test a new set of mini portable speakers (too bad they need USB power only…), and ended up translating it. Thanks to petitlyrics.com for the lyrics.

I am pasting the English here only, since I’m too lazy to write out the romaji and kanji too:

Even though I actually want to say “I love you”,
the hurdle called “being friends” is too high
and I cannot say this single thing.
I want to forever be wrapped by childish innocence, but,
even then, people go up the stairs of adulthood, in order to become an adult
In order to fall in real love
Opening the window of my room
Entrusting my body to the wind
I bid farewell to the me of yesterday
Crying like always
Laughing like always
If we were to link our hands…
Ha a a…
Look, a gentle wind is being born

Getting close and drifting apart
It repeats again and again
Even then, this love goes stronger
To the extent of being scary
To the extent of being saddening

The sky is blue, and is endlessly far
To this kind of feeling,
I have come to realise myself at long last
If I’m with you, I can go
Till wherever I can go
Let’s search through the world together
I want you to smile; I want you to talk to me,
I want you to hold my shoulders and whisper
Ha a a …

Look, a gentle wind is softly blowing
I thank the future of the two of us

As always, there are no guarantees whatsoever of this being 100% accurate. Also, if there are any incorrect things in this, please let me know. I’m still learning, so making mistakes is not impossible.

And uh, if you feel like using it somewhere in your work or on your site, please credit me. Thanks.


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