[JP PSN] List of Free Play PS+ Games for May 2015

Period: 2015/05/07~2015/06/02 (mostly)

So, I’ve been looking at quite a few sites these few days, but I was unable to find any site that lists JP PS+ Games each month. Except the official site here, of course.

So I decided to try listing the games that are free for the month from that page. I don’t know how long this is possible, but won’t hurt to try.

Please note that if you miss any games in the list, the chances of it being offered again are very very slim. So don’t forget to buy them for free while the offer lasts!

Free Play Games:


1) Trials Fusion

2) Hohokumu (ホホクム)

3) Tower of Guns


1) Hohokumu (ホホクム)

2) Tower of Guns

3) Soul Caliber II HD Online

4) Utawarerumono ~Chiriyuku mono he no komoriuta~

5) Brothers ~The Tale of Two Sons~ (Futari no Musuko no monogatari)

PS Vita:

1) Hohokumu (ホホクム)

2) Totori no Atelier Plus ~Arland no Renkinjutsushi 2~

3) Utawarerumono Portable Aquaprice 2800

4) Chaos Rings Omega

5) Chaos Rings

So that’s 3 games for PS4, 5 for PS3 and PS Vita each.

A good friend recommended me Totori no Atelier when I told him I bought a PS Vita, and luckily it’s Free Play for this month’s PS+. I’m really loving it so far.


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