The case of the PS Vita Memory Card

I have been reading articles on the PS Vita a bit lately, and it seems that the #1 reason why people don’t like the PS Vita, maybe even more than not having many AAA games, is the memory card. I keep hearing how high the cost is compared to a normal SD card and how other consoles support normal SD card etc.

Yes, I’ll admit that the memory card costs a few times more than a normal memory card. But let’s look at my memory card. I currently majorly have the following games installed in it:

1. Totori Atelier Plus ~2.7 GB

2. Minna no Golf ~400 MB for updates

3. NFS: Most Wanted ~1.9 GB

4. Quite a few trial versions (Little big planet, Sen no kiseki etc) ~9 GB

The 32 GB card has 29 GB of accessible space. Of which 15 GB is still free.

Also, I play Minna no golf mainly as well as the other two. I play for about 1h-2h a day in weekdays and 4h or so in weekends.

So thing is, for me, this much games is enough to keep me busy. I’ve decided to stick with this pattern: playing 2-3 games at once.

So, here are the questions that come to my mind:

1. Why do I need multiple memory cards, if at all?

2. What is my HDD storage for?

3. Do I really need to carry several games with me in order to keep myself busy?

Question 3 is mostly individual preference, but a PS Vita game seems to be ~3-4 GB for bigger stuff (PSO2 is 10 Gb though, but the PC setup is 24 GB last time I checked, so…). So on a 32 GB memory card, 6 titles? 7 titles?

My point is, for question 1, I feel that the memory card is a one-time investment. I personally don’t see the need to buy multiple memory cards at all. Here’s what I can easily do:

1. I buy a digital game I feel that is interesting.

2. I keep some 4 GB on my memory card free to download it. For most games, this should suffice.

3. I download the game to it.

4. I use QCMA (recommended) or Sony’s CMA to copy over the games I don’t feel like playing right now to my PC and keep them there. And I load them and substitute them from PC as and when needed. And the QCMA’s Backup Manager makes it really easy to manage the games.

See, I can easily swap games around. HDD space is really really cheap. I back up my PS Vita games on my external HDD or even my PC HDD, and I swap them in and out as needed. I only keep the titles I want to play on my Vita.  I downloaded PSO2 but it takes 10 GB right now and I didn’t feel like playing it now, so it sits as a backup on my external. I’ll maybe load it back in once I’ve finished some of the above titles.

Obviously, I’ll recommend atleast a 32 GB for digital games and all. But this is again a one-time investment.

As for the proprietary stuff, if the memory card actually gives better encryption and protection against piracy, I’m all for it. Here’s a game console that actually requires people to buy games, and there’s ZERO way to pirate that. That’s a huge achievement and many people don’t realize it.

TL;DR: Please stop hating on the Vita just because the memory cards are expensive.


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