[JP PSN] List of Free Play Games for June 2015

Here are the Free Play games for PS+ subscribers for the JP PSN this month:

Available: 3rd June 2015 – 7th July, 2015


1) Metal Gear Solid V – Ground Heroes

2) TorqueL


1) rain

2) Cloudberry Kingdom

PS Vita:

1) Soul Sacrifice Delta

2) Ore ni tasukete-tte iwaretemo ~ Otsu HD

I’ve been playing this last one a bit, and it’s a pretty interesting little JRPG where you are a NEET who doesn’t like to work, but is suddenly forced to do so when his allowances stop coming suddenly. You have to hire “adventurers” and send them to explore dungeons etc while trying to meet your expenses. Though I guess the most eye-catching titles would be the MGS and Soul Sacrifice Delta. I don’t have any idea about those series though.

As always, once these are gone, they have a very very low chance of coming back as PS+ Free Play games, so get them while you can!


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