List of Anime I’m watching for Summer 2016 Part 1

Turns out I’m surprisingly watching a lot of anime this season. This was because I ended up picking up a lot of shows  to watch just because I was bored. And yesterday when I thought of actually listing them, turned out to be 12 shows. Wow.

So I thought of listing them here with their thoughts. I’ll be dividing those into tiers based on what I think of them.

Awesome Tier:

1. Joukamachi no Dandelion: This anime I didn’t see till a few days ago, but it easily tops the charts, blowing out almost every other show into the water for me. Family-themed? Yes. Each sibling having their unique character and interactions? Of course. Hanazawa Kana voicing the main girl? Aww yeah.

This is almost a slice-of-life show, and it is warm. Very warm. Just the kind of show I love. It fills all the requirements, and on top of that, it’s very rare to find family-themed anime nowadays.

Each of the characters is unique, be it the youngest kid Shiori, to the eldest, Aoi (or was it Kanade?). Each have their own thoughts and ways of doing things.

And I commend the king for thinking of sending his kids to a common school rather than a royal private academy or whatever. Ordinary is important, in my opinion.

Anyway, I’ll just keep on ranting so putting a stop to it. Still, it’s a warm show for me to watch at the end of a long day to warm myself up and bring a smile on my face.

Watching Doki who’re good with this one.

Encoding-wise, TBS seems fine enough, but I did check out CBC. CBC is good too. Dunno if it’s CR or Funi, don’t care.

2. Classroom Crisis: This would be the easy winner had there not being Joukamachi no Dandelion.

This is about a class full of geniuses and rather weirdo kind-of people who build spaceships. They’re all individually highly talented, and are literally employed while studying.

However, the organization they work for cuts their budget and all. See, this is the corporate world and R&D people like them has to face the music. How they overcome their struggle is what makes  this show awesome.

The characters are down-to-life people. Add to that corporate politics, and R&D people, literally scientists, getting caught on it, alongwith good execution, and you have a great show.

I especially love Sera Kaito a lot. He’s the homeroom teacher of this class, and having been sheltered for a long time, suddenly finds himself being responsible to handle the crisis that threatens free thinking and research of his beloved students. His struggles, alongwith the students’ feelings, are very humane indeed, and the actions taken by them under pressure, likewise.

The anime portrays very well how he struggles to stick to his ideals and ensure a good place to nurture the young minds that are his students.

Also, the relationship between him and the students, and the students themselves, and the brother-sister relationship especially in episode 4 secure winning points for me.

And the fact that I myself work at a company, the politics are not unheard of to me.

This just barely takes the 2nd place due to the slightly uneven pacing and interaction. Still, it’s very slight and should not distract the common viewer.

And forgot to mention, the OP is by Try-Sail and ED by ClariS, and both are damn awesome.

Subs-wise, it’ll most likely be DDY. The other groups don’t use honorifics, and the other fansub translates “forced entry” as “force-land” in episode 1 alongwith too-liberal editing.

Video-wise, CR is the clear winner. Almost no filtering required at all, except some debanding. And the line-art is thick, yes. But I’d keep that as it is.

3. Shokugeki no Souma: This is a heavy contender for the 1st place too. This anime is, in one word: great. Awesome.

The theme is cooking. And it’s about cooking good food in a short amount of time. It’s also about rat races in the society in a very explicit manner.

It’s also about growing up, adapting to challenges and new circumstances in a very quick manner. And it is very humane. It really resonates with me at times.

I think anyone who liked Masterchef will like this too. Probably.

Also, Tadokoro Megumi is my waifu. Nuff  said.

For the subs, the non-CR group doing this has a good encode, but some TL errors and three-liners and forgotten-to-remove things (Thank you—.) here and there that degrades the experience. Sigh.

3. The iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls: THIS. P-kun. One of the best characters in all of the anime I’ve watched. Stoic, expressionless, yet always thinking about the girls under him and trying his best for them. Damn it. It’s awesome.

And Season 2, as a continuation of Season 1, ramps up things to a new level. Again, it’s a fight for existence, just like Classroom Crisis. Also the girls are cute, and Shimamuu is the ANGEL.

Watching it raw.

4. GATE: This takes the 4th spot in the list. This is about the an otaku JSDF soldier and his unit, who are sent into a parallel world to set up base and explore there.

Actually, I don’t have much to say about this, except the anime portrays a very important theme: soldiers and their lives and how they silently do their part in everything, ranging from protecting against enemies to helping out citizens in various ways.

Add to that cute characters including a goth-loli, an elf and a mage, and we have awesomeness.

I’m watching CR for this.

I’ll write about the other shows later. This completes the awesome-tier shows. My hands hurt.


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