List of Anime I’m watching for Summer 2016 Part 2

Continuing on from my previous post.

Awesome Tier:

5. Himouto – Umaru-chan: This I picked up only a few days ago, but I’ve grown to be very fond of it. It’s a great anime to watch and laugh and relax at the end of a tiring day. Umaru’s dual personalities, while a bit weird-sounding at first, grew on me a lot. The antics of Umaru and her friends is great. But the thing I like most in the show is her elder brother’s personality. She’s really damn lucky to have such a nice brother. And the way he cares about Umaru while scolding her, and the siblings’ interaction brings a smile to my face.

Overall, the strength would be the comedy and the interaction between the siblings. I do admit though, sometimes Umaru’s selfishness gets on my nerves just a little, but still, it’s a great show to watch for me.

Awesome Tier – Excluded from Rankings Tier:

There is only one show that will come to this category: Working!!! that is the Season 3 of this awesome anime. I was not even aware of a Season 3 approaching… But, I’m waiting for m33w to finish it and then marathon all at once. No amount of words will suffice to say how great this anime is. And Season 3 keeps the flavours of what Working has defined itself to be.

Nothing to say except: go watch it.

Part 3+ will be about Good tier, Not-so-good tier shows.


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