Duties vs Entertainment

It’s Friday and I’ve finished my marathon of almost all the shows I watch.

Having run out of things to watch (Shokugeki no Soma I’ll wait for subs), I decide to try and think what I can do when I am not working and/or not am at work:

  1. Study and practice programming. This is for my own benefit due to the work I do.
  2. Study Mathematics. This is also another important thing to do for me.
  3. Read a VN. Currently I’m juggling three… LOVEREC and Tenki-ame Trial AND Date a Live on my PS Vita.
  4. Watch anime. These are usually scheduled so it shouldn’t be so much an issue.
  5. Translate manga. I have deadlines to meet.
  6. Translate anime. This requires a lot of effort. Add to that the fact that it is highly dependent on my motivation…
  7. Translate Fureraba. Been trying to get this done for weeks.

So I have a 7-dimensional vector to deal with.

And there is the thing called “distraction”. I could easily browse maybe wololo and spend time reading up articles on PS Vita and try to convince myself that it’s quite alive (which is true in Japan). Or just aimless wandering on Facebook and Twitter.  It’s at a stage now that even sitting at my PC makes me want to just whittle the time away instead of doing productive things. And all the 7 I mentioned above are, in one way or the other, productive to me. These can easily take all of the time. So another dimension is to fight these off.

This week, I’ve been doing an overwhelming amount of 3… and as a result, almost nothing else got done.

Let’s try to classify the above as Duties and Entertainment. I’ll go ahead and assume Translation as a duty, though many people would say otherwise.

Duties: 1, 2, 5, 6, 7.

Entertainment: 3, 4.

There is a huge disbalance here between everything. In an ideal world, I should move along all the vectors uniformly, yet it’s such a stilted progress.

I will have to prioritize these. Let’s see how it goes from tomorrow.


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