[JP PSN] List of Free Play Games for PS+ Subscribers for September 2015

Sorry for the late post.

Anyway, here are the latest PS+ Free Play games for September (even though it’s almost over):


  1. Grow Home
  2. Sound Shapes


  2. IS2: Infinite Stratos Ignition Hearts
  3. Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 2
  4. Sound Shapes
  5. Puyopuyo Sun Ketteiban (PS1)

PS Vita:

  1. IS2: Infinite Stratos Ignition Hearts
  2. Criminal Girls – Invitation
  3. Sound Shapes
  4. Puyopuyo Sun Ketteiban (PS1)

These are all. While the lineup is kinda shabby for PS4 users, it’s a heaven for PS Vita imo, with the IS2 VN and Criminal Girls getting PS+ Free Play status. It’s to be noted that this is the first of the Infinite Stratos VN series, not the one that was released in the beginning of this month. For me, the IS2 VN is the takeaway of the month. It’s so cliched that it’s refreshing, haha.

These are valid till 6th October, so better buy em before that!