LLSIF got a huge update and my thoughts on it

So as I had mentioned a few months ago, I used to really like playing SIF, School Idol Festival aka the Love Live! rhythm game on Android. A few hours ago, they released a huge update to it. Some of the changes including but not limited to:

  1. Replacement of Muse with Aquos by the most part. However, cards will be released for both and you can choose whose songs to play, as well as whose box(es) to scout.
  2. New card tier: SSR. Revised rates from 90-9-1 for R-SR-SSR to 80-15-4-1 for R-SR-SSR-UR.
  3. You can idolize SRs now, with 20 R seals or 1 SR Seal.


Personally, I had ditched the game a few weeks ago owing to the extremely low turnout of SRs and URs and after my last 10+1 roll gave nothing but 1 SR. That was so very unbalanced. Now, the game “should” be more balanced, but the new tier means more and more money for the creators. Not that it’s a bad thing.

Well, I watched ep 1 of Sunshine, and it’s almost the same thing all over again, with just different characters than last time. Well, even the characters seem same so far… I mean, it’s as if Muse got a plastic surgery… I was not expecting more, but I found myself being disappointed as well. So personally, it is highly unlikely that I’ll get on the Aquos hype train. Cos hypes are overrated.

But the biggest welcome change is the idolizability of the SRs. I had pulled a few Nico SRs in the past, with the June 2014 Nico being one of my starter pulls when I got my account from a very kind soul on JP. So I was able to idolize her and I’m happy:

I am content now.Screenshot_2016-07-05-23-25-48.png


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