My thoughts on piracy on the PS Vita: Addendum

When I calmed down and re-read what I have written on the post about piracy on the PS Vita, I realized I might’ve been indirectly insulting the devs, so I wanted to write this post to clear things up.

I do not have anything against the developers for all the work they do, regardless of whether it is piracy-enabling or not. They are all awesome people and they have my unfettered respect and thanks for all their hard work.

I know this sounds paradoxical, but that’s how it is.

On a side note, I was able to buy a digital edition of RuiTomo from the Japan PSN Store for a mere 2,160 yen. It has the original VN AND the Fandisc in one bundle, and given the PC versions cost about 18000 yen in total on Amazon Japan, and the fact that the VN was discounted by 66%, I’d say that’s a huge savings. Hurray, me!

Also, reading the Astral Air no Shiroki Towa on my PS Vita now, and boy, the awesome graphics of the VN look epic on the OLED screen. ❤ I wish I could save though…

The full VN comes out 22nd September, and at the time of writing this, the price shows 6,881 yen at Amazon Japan. I’ll have to see if I can grab it…


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