It’s ~11:30 AM where I am right now. Woke up at 5:30 to stand in line for train tickets, stood from 6:10 to 8:25 AM, the counters having opened at 8 AM. Some people were in line for the night. Wow. Even then, they couldn’t get tickets; all sold out within minutes. And I’m talking of train tickets here, not movie  tickets. Shows that we really love travelling and stuff, and the tickets are for 17th Oct, exactly 2 months from today. That’s the peak season, but it feels kind of weird to think the tickets for the trains get sold out in 10 minutes.

I came back home at 8:45 AM. And heard that Oreimo 14-16 were to be simulcasted soon. Even IRC seemed to be shivering in excitement. Some of my friends were all ready to watch. The simulcast started and ended. I’m sure that was 90 minutes of bliss for all Oreimo fans.

That got me thinking. Fans can get to watch anime minutes after they air in Japan these days. With most of the shows getting simulcasted, that thing which was unbelievable is a reality today. I didn’t know anything about anime in say, 2000. I first came in touch with anime in the form of Pokemon and Digimon back then. That too, dubs. When I got proper unlimited internet 5 years back,  the fact that I could actually watch anime with their original Japanese audio felt so out-of-this-world. But turns out it’s true, thanks to fansubs, I remember following Ryuu-rogue as they released Digimon Adventure episodes. I planned to watch all at once. When I came to know of them, they had subbed about 39 episodes, and I found them on Veoh.com. Then they played a kind of joke by saying it’s dropped. I was disappointed but still thought it’s fine, those are free after all. Then I was the happiest guy on earth when they released the rest in one go. I don’t think I have felt like that many times in my life.

But I’m yet to watch Digimon Adventure, strangely. I’ll get to it someday for sure. I stalled at ep 21 or so, don’t remember.

After that, I did some more research on how exactly this was possible: releasing the stuff in Japanese audio for free. Needless to say, the voice acting and everything in subbed anime was a million times better than Cardcaptors or Digimon I saw as a kid. Then I came to learn of fansubs, fansubbers, their ethics and stuff. And I wanted to contribute too. To share the joy of watching an awesome anime with everyone. So I looked for groups to join in 2011. And I found a very nice group: Doki. Hologfx is my mentor even today.

Fast forward to today. To be continued in Part 2, cos it might be seen as controversial.


Working vs Studying

I’m almost at the end of my tenure of summer training aka internship at one of the best IT companies around here. Frankly speaking, it has been a very rewarding experience so far. In these two months:

  • I feel like I’ve learned about a semester’s worth in just two months.
  • I learnt about how to process”Internet-scale data”. And it’s more than just Terabytes; we’re talking of Petabytes here, aka thousands and thousands of Terabytes of data. That means, where the mankind is now in terms of technology of massive data processing. It has proved to be a very interesting and enlightening experience. I kind of now feel that I have a teensy slightly broader view of the world around me.
  • The second part of the internship involved web programming using cutting-edge Javascript technologies like node.js and Websockets. I had zero experience with ANYTHING related to web programming, and now I can atleast look at them. That’s an enormous plus.

In these few weeks, I have almost gotten used to this new lifestyle and brand new environment. However, college is going to open soon. So I need to force myself back to my old ways, taking this as a breath of fresh air. And I need to do that. I decided a while ago that I won’t take up a job after my graduation unless absolutely necessary. But this is quite alluring, in fact. Must not fall for that.

For work:

  • Finish your work for the day and go home.
  • Work doesn’t usually follow you home, except under rare circumstances. That means do what you want when you get home; no need to prepare for exams etc. (Uh oh, that’s a very tempting thing.)
  • For me, the commuting time got halved during this time… And I know that I’ll feel very irritated when I started commuting to university again…
  • For me, the project leaders have been very understanding and liberal. Thank you, Senpai and Sir!
  • You get even more breadth of knowledge rather than depth.

PS. There are other and perhaps not-so-good aspects too, which are not to be forgotten or ignored.

For uni:

  • You get more in-depth knowledge when you study more.
  • You can prepare better for the future. More knowledge means more preparedness for whatever comes your way. Knowledge is power.
  • You are bound by the routine classes.
  • For me, it takes ~3 hours every day to commute. And if I miss a class, I have a very hard time catching up…

Still, I would say one should study for as long as possible. Why? Simple. The more knowledge a person has, and the more varied it is, that person can have a larger view of the world around him. I kind of feel that Bachelor’s degrees are meant to give people breadth-first knowledge. And Masters and PhD are for depth. And both are important.

On a personal note, there was this subject called Humanities in our first semester, comprising of English and Social Science. All my batchmates were “Meh, WTF is this stupid subject!” Even the teacher was like “Oh well, these guys won’t have any use of it anyway…” I feel those subjects are important too. Why? Simple. Better perspective. They help in the long run. But most people seem to not realise that. Sad.

My little brother is going for such a thing too, a Maths-only-oriented course. I hope he’ll study other subjects too. I think I’ll make him do it. Simply because of the fact that wider perspective matters. A lot.

Now that I think about it, the post name is misleading. Oh well. Time to get back to studying for N3, and clearing the fansubbing backlog bit by bit.

Random thoughts on osu!

Watching my little brother playing it beside me, and given I’m feeling a bit down right now, so I decided to write.

It is basically a rhythm game, where people make “beatmaps” and submit them for them to get approved and for other people to play. Basically, it’s like a community-driven freeware game, but donations are accepted. It’s about your reflexes, observational power, processing power and partly memory.

Basically there are three kind of  things, hit circle, spinner and circle. The experience is quite customizable. You can choose to play Easy, Normal, Hard or Insane difficulties.

I know this doesn’t even count as a description, so I’ll link a Youtube video as a demonstration:

This is by Cookiezi, one of the best players in the field. Awesome.

The thing to notice is that a kind of overlay beats are made here. That’s what inspired me to start playing it. Due to that, I am fine playing Normal difficulties (that one’s Insane, the highest difficulty).

It’s freely downloadable from: http://osu.ppy.sh

Oh well… Time to go wrap up some work.


Exams Ended

So well, they ended yesterday. And so did my third year. Now we have a 2 months break before classes begin in July for my fourth and final year of undergraduate study.

In that sense, this would be the last proper holiday I get in my undergrad course. Need to make best use of it, instead of idling away. So, I’ve decided to make a checklist of things to do:

  • Learn 32-bit assembly properly, using the tutorials at Open Security Training.
  • Learn Japanese to pass the N3 in July.
  • Practice for a good score in the GRE and TOEFL in June.
  • Practice programming as to be competent enough in entering various programming contests.

Too abstract, all of these. But let’s see. Have the fansubbing part as well.