[Not TLCed][Draft] & – Sora no mukou de sakimasu you ni OP Translation

I was listening to this. I really love Itou Kanako’s voice, and this time I decided to try digging into the song. Here’s what came up:

You are like the rain that falls on my palm
What scenery did you come here to see?
On the night when the several thousand grains rained down (*1)
I know only about the miracle that happened that night

The sky the legendary adventurer looks up to, is high up (*2)
The shaking wind, the moonlight, with all these,
the world is connected till no matter where.

When the page of the story that stopped that day was opened,
the blowing wind kissed us
Say, we shall all go on our respective paths, and if we are troubled by anything,
we can just stop on our tracks and turn around, any time. (*3)

The moon is not alone. (*4)

The thing that can change the ever-engraving time,
it cannot be seen, not even with my values
Even if the amount is slight, does it stil remain?
The “something” we want to be true, and the strong feelings for that

When the legendary explorer, in order to protect someone,
once again, the sprouting trees and the colours of the flowers, (*5)
the moment they joined hands with each other–
The promise we made that day, and what we simply believed would continue forever,
the continuation to that dreams of our childhood
Say, in the process of becoming adults, if they are about to lose their radiance,
we can just reminescense about this place, anytime.

The moon is not alone.

When the page of the story that stopped that day was opened,
the blowing wind kissed us.
Say, we shall all go on our respective paths, and if we are troubled by anything,
we can just stop on our tracks and turn around, any time.
The promise we made that day, and what we simply believed would continue forever,
the continuation to that dreams of our childhood
Say, in the process of becoming adults, if they are about to lose their radiance,
we can just reminisce about this place, anytime.

The moon is not alone.

The points to note here are as follows:

Only part of the song can be understood without playing the VN, it seems. To get the rest, I think you’ll have to read it.

Now unto the notes:

*1: Grains of what?

*2: Who is/are the legendary adventurer(s)?

*3: Here “turn around” in the sense of turn around and see, not turn around and head back.

*4: Again, what?

*5: What does this part signify? I’m not very clear on this.

Can’t guarantee these are totally accurate, as you can see.

And last but not the least, Happy New Year 2015!


My list of to-read Visual Novels

Recently, I’ve been way too much swamped with Visual Novels, and my bad habit is to try them as soon as I hear about them. So, in order to organize my list and all, I decided to keep a list here of the ones I’d like to read in a priority order.

1. Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no (http://vndb.org/v604): This Visual Novel really tops the list. In all seriousness, I have never played a slice-of-life Visual Novel that can be this excellent. Be it the script, be it the BGM, be it the events, everything about this VN, regardless of how much I write, I won’t be able to convey how excellent this is. If anyone stumbles across this post and is looking for an awesome non-action VN to read, I’ll recommend this one first.

2. Hikoukigumo no mukougawa (http://vndb.org/v13711):  I started reading this only yesterday, and what caught my attention was Eiri. And apparently her route is the best in the whole VN, so it’s a must-read for me.

3. Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ (http://vndb.org/v11856): I love this Visual Novel a lot as well, since it comes much closer than other VNs I’ve read in terms of actually conversing with a girl about various topics to make her fall for the protagonist. The dynamism of the system, the comedy, and the nice characters make for an awesome read. I’ve already finished Yuzuyu route on this, but I’d like to finish the other routes soon, since every one of them, I feel I’m looking forward to.

4. Dolphin Divers (http://vndb.org/v9916): I have heard good things about this one, but yet to start reading properly. I’m kind of expecting good things from this.

5. Twinkle Crusaders (http://vndb.org/v666): I played a bit of this and was really good, albeit long. This is also on my to-read list.

Future Reads:

1. Evolimit (http://vndb.org/v3111): I am downloading the trial for it right now. It falls among the tough-to-read-for-my-level VNs, so I’ll need to see where I’ll put it in the above list in future. But regardless, I’m kind of looking forward to this too.

2. Kurenai no Tsuki (http://vndb.org/v2031): I downloaded this half on a whim, but I’ll see where it goes once I’m done with the above.

3. DCIII R (http://vndb.org/v6438): I loved this VN, but due to unfortunately losing my save progress, I find myself facing a huge mental blocking in reading through it again. I got to read it since I bought the R All-Ages version due to liking it so much…

4. Draculius (http://vndb.org/v453): This also belongs to the Evolimit group, I think. Should get to it someday.

Many thanks to Clephas for recommending all these (except Fureraba and DCIII)~

I just hope there won’t be additions to this list, since I’m estimating if I end up reading all these, it’ll take me a year… (I play MMOs and stuff as well as fansub, AND my Japanese reading speed is much slower, so…)

PS. Will most likely have to drop Log Horizon, and be a man and admit I failed.

D.C.III R Package Arrived!!

It’s here at long last!! Thanks to Yokattaweb.jp and Amazon, I was finally able to buy it. Thanks a lot to Yokatta Shopping. ^_^


DSC03080  DSC03079DSC03081 DSC03089 DSC03088 DSC03087 DSC03086 DSC03084 DSC03083

I’m so happy :3

Frankly speaking, I prefer this All-Ages version to the R-18 version of DCIII R. I somehow feel that this Visual Novel is best while all-ages. Anyway, time to start having fun and learning Japanese~ And I really didn’t expect this many stuff… So awesome 😀

On Visual Novels

The Bishoujo-ge market is dying. Just read about it at a post at Fuwanovel blog. The figures presented by nbkz, Producer at minori, one of Japan’s leading Visual Novel companies, gave quite a frank distribution of numbers. On how much it costs each VN, and what are the revenues. It’s quite saddening, actually… I don’t know much about marketing, sales, economics and things like those, but even then I feel that this is not good enough. Will Bishoujo-ge really die? Does that mean no more new epic creations like Ever17 will come to us?

I don’t live in Japan, yes. But still, it kind of feels bad how bad things are in terms of sales. At the place I live, people don’t even know what on earth Visual Novels are. Like, all they know about Japan is Bleach, Naruto, and Fairy Tail. And they feel uncomfortable if they do come to know about it.

I once had this friend who I tried, several times, to like anime and visual novels. All I got was “I have no time for those stupid Japanese things.” That did hurt since I was a kid then, and he’s a long-time friend of mine, but yes.

But the fact does remain that the Visual Novel market is a very niche market, where the figures actually matter.

I need to save up more.

Also, this is more like my random thoughts than a concrete blog post. Guess I’m lazy.

Komorebi no Nostalgica – First Impressions

This is a Visual Novel made by STREGA, a new company. More details at: http://vndb.org/v10958

Clephas recommended to me so I downloaded it and started reading. And I’ve been loving it so far. Every aspect of the VN is well-made. Be it the characters, the story, the script-writing, everything. So I felt like writing how awesome it is.

First off, one of the main strengths is the ambience the VN sets up. It’s not hostile, it’s a rather warm and fuzzy feeling that is hard to describe well unless experienced first-hand.

Secondly, the characters and their awesome voice acting. Every character is unique, be it the talented scatterbrain imouto Akira, the android Fluo(they call them something like “Metcela” (メトセラ)), the childhood friends Kaya and Itsuki or the burly and strong Seijuurou. My personal favourites are Akira and Fluo though. Akira is a really nice character and the way she makes mischief (teasing Kaya about ghosts by speaking in a witch-like voice, or absent-mindedly hacking into the school server the very day it was reinstalled when she hacked it) or when she displays her absent-mindedness etc etc etc. And her voice actress does an excellent job. Same for the other characters too.

Thirdly, the art and story-writing feel very natural, and as if the characters come to life through that. Awesome.

Fourthly, the BGMs are quite nice. The opening song is especially awesome. I’ll try taking a shot at translating it after my exams and maybe release it.

And some screenshots (I had more, but I forgot to backup that folder when I formatted my laptop last week. Oh well.) :kawaiiakko

Akko, the “tsukaima” of Akira; she wrote Akko’s program herself. Genius.


One of the parts which had me laughing. The text basically and approximately translates to (it’s about Akira):

“Once long ago, when she wouldn’t wouldn’t walk cos she was so sleepy, I left her behind. When she didn’t show up at school even after the first period, I (worriedly) started looking for her, only to find her fast asleep, lying down on a bench on the roadside.

I think I’ll write more about this when I go further into the story. My reading speed is very slow, and needs practice to improve. Oh well.

Anyway, time to go prepare for the Logic and Functional Programming exam on Saturday. And Scheme is a very nice programming language.

PS. The OP I was talking about: